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Refinement of urushi, sale of urushi and lacquering tool
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Urushi, lacquering material and tool

Lacquering kit
Fuki-urushi set for beginner

Product Price (JPY, including tax))
Set contains:
1. Jo-ki-urushi (high quality raw lacquer)
100 g 5,775 
2. Body  Unlacquered wood, small plate
3. Umage-sujikai-hake brush  30 mm
4. Turpentine oil  500cc
5. Plastic spatulas  30 mm and 60 mm
6. Polishing paper  Dry use #240 and #400, Waterproof #600 / 2 sheets each
7. Nuri dokuhon Instruction manual (Japanese only) 
You can enjoy fuki-urushi using the items in the set following the instruction manual. Please note that the instruction manual is written in Japanese.

Fuki-urushi is a lacquering technique that highlights the beauty of the wood grain and distinctive sheen. The process of brushing raw lacquer on the body and wiping off excess lacquer is repeated many times.

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